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Five Reasons To Workout With Your Partner

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Five Reasons To Workout With Your Partner

Exercise with a partner Whether you struggle with motivation or just want an excuse to hang out with your sweetie more, exercising together may be your answer.

When They Win, You Win

Let’s face it: you want your partner to be all they can be. And they want the same for you. Setting goals together and working as a team has far-reaching benefits. Working out together naturally strengthens your emotional connection by developing a phenomenon known as mimicry, or nonverbal matching. Learning your partner’s nonverbal cues has implications for other aspects of life too. Imagine knowing what they are feeling without ever having to speak a word. It’s almost like your own special communication.

Say Farewell to Your Comfort Zone

We all have our strengths. Your partner may be good at lifting weights. You may be great at rocking a barre session. Without being too cliche, variety is the spice of life. The more you try different routines and challenge yourself, the likelihood of becoming bored decreases. Make a deal to try something outside of each of your comfort zones every now and again. Try different things and alternate outdoor activities with structured indoor workouts.

You may find yourself enjoying things you may have never thought possible. AND both of you could be in for a few laughs as you learn new things.

Increase Your Happiness Within the Relationship

Netflix and Chill is something many people love. But it can get boring and make you lazy quick. Working out creates endorphins a.k.a. those feel-good hormones. People who feel good tend to be happier. Happier partners lead to happier partnerships. See where this is going? Happy is good and exercise can help!

Watch Your Motivation Increase

A study by the Society of Behavioral Medicine found that working out with a partner improves results. Partners not only increase your likelihood of actually working out but they tend to increase your motivation during the workout. Having your own personal cheerleader has never been so fun AND rewarding.

More Quality Time Together

Daily life gets busy. Work and technology always seem to get in the way. Imagine how blissful it would be to just turn everything off for an hour and do something with the one you love. It isn’t that hard. Set aside a few times a week to work out together. Scheduling classes also helps people be accountable for their time. If an hour is too long, try 30 minutes. Not only will you start to enjoy the detox of everyday life, but you’ll manage to squeeze in some awesome quality time with your honey.


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