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What is TRX?

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What is TRX?

vislia pilates instructor certifiedLet’s face it. We all want a total-body workout that doesn’t keep up at the gym for hours. Thanks to TRX, you can work your entire body in one session.

Developed by a Navy Seal, TRX effectively builds strength, improves balance and keeps your heart rate up all by using your body weight. Impressive, right?

Let’s break it down. What exactly is TRX?

TRX, or suspension training, uses a set of suspended straps. In our studio, you’ll see them bolted to the walls. Regardless of who you are or your fitness level, there is a TRX workout for you. By simply repositioning your body and feet clients can increase or decrease the amount of weight they are working with. That’s it. No weights, no bars and no running from one piece of equipment to another. You can instantly adjust to your fitness level.

What Are the Benefits?

Here’s a fun fact – you can perform over 300 exercises using the straps. If you want, no two workout sessions will ever be the same!

Thanks to its suspended nature, TRX is low impact. This is especially beneficial for those of us who may be recovering from an injury or have pesky problems somewhere on our body.

The versatility of TRX allows each client to reach their personal goals. Whether you want to lose weight or train for an upcoming marathon – this routine has you covered.

It’s important for TRX newbies to learn from a trained professional. The sheer nature of TRX can lend itself to a lot of improper formations which will lead to less than optimal performance results. But once you get the hang of it and understand how to work with the straps you will be set for success.


Are you ready to try TRX? Schedule a session with me and find out what all the well-deserved hype is about!


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